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Oct 26, 2017
Certain forces are affecting the most sensitive people. They affect the environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through and produces conditions of depression and distrust, causing panic and waves of fear. This is happening throughout the world. [read more]
Sep 26, 2016
Creating Harmony Out of Conflict The soul’s shining essence guides us long before we are aware of it. Our soul infuses our heart with the love that creates harmony out of conflict, peace from anxiety, and the clear mind that dissolves confusion.we learn to focus on the actual causes rather than on the outer effects. When our actions are soul directed, the effect is positive and healing for everyone. [read more]
Jul 28, 2016
Guest comments * * *Launa is a dear friend and fellow presenter. She is skilled in several esoteric disciplines and totally trust worthy. I do think our similar life experiences are synchonicity. That we have the same color and brand of vacuumn cleaners is a hoot! I have told our matching story many times and always get a smile from the audience. She definitely has things to teach. " [read more]
Apr 05, 2016
Two Path of Light members have healed themselves from serious cancer and shared the news with us. Their news is heartening! We want to share their news with you because their success demonstrates the tremendous power of the soul and the divine Self to heal us and others. Both of these women were treated by medical professionals. At the same time they were reading the book Healing Yourself with Light and listening to the Healing with Light audio meditations that go with the book. [read more]