What People Are Saying About Us

“It is amazing what is happening to me, the miracles the Healing Angels and the Solar Angel are doing in my life. Thank you! ”
Maribel in Simi Valley, Ca.
“My deepest gratitude for your work and enlightenment. It has made ALL the difference in my life and it has been the catalyst for my getting in touch with my Higher Self. ”
Christiana S., MN.
“Extraordinary Book!, September 7, 2011 I am using this book in my daily self-healing practice, and I have found it to be powerful and full of spiritual wisdom of the highest calibre. The healing journeys/meditations are beautifully written and flow easily, using stillness, images, sound, color, and emotion. Each time I use them, I feel transported to a different dimension, surrounded with angelic healing. The light that fills me during those times overflows into my daily life, and I find myself drawn to other healing practices that complement the angels' guidance (e.g., network chiropractic, green smoothies). I would recommend this book not only to those with specific physical healing challenges but to anyone who wants to recalibrate his/her physical body to accommodate the higher vibrations coming into the planet at this time. Sometimes physical symptoms can be a sign that the cells are having difficulty adjusting to an individual's soaring spiritual growth. Our bodies may need assistance in raising the light in our cells in order to bring our bodies and spirits into harmony. This book offers that assistance--and much, much more. LaUna Huffines was clearly angelically inspired when she wrote it. Peggy Kornegger, author of Living with Spirit, Journey of a Flower Child ”
Peggy A. Kornegger - Amazon
“I can't tell you how much these products help me. . . I am ever so grateful. ”
Teresa W., Carmel, CA.
“I found your book and last night was my first "journey" with angelic healers AND TODAY, two HUGE problems got solved/resolved quickly! Thanks! ”
Lynn in Deming, New Mexico USA
“From the start, the author suggests that the reader seeks medical professional but also tells how the higher spiritual force can work through the doctor. Also, the author points out that the reader learns from the condition and how it happened to appear, etc... I found the book easy to read and understand. This is not a novel but rather a manual for self-healing and this knowledge is to be practiced over and over until it gets internalized.... As I learned the first process in the book, I started noticing INCREDIBLE healing start to take place..... On the second day of practicing the techniques, I found evidence of healing taken place in the area I was concerned about, but little did i know that the rest of my body would start healing..... From the first time I opened myself to this higher spiritual world and started applying the techniques, I could feel the difference in my body improve so fast, it's like watching the sun rising and the sky become lighter and brighter. I can feel my inner self improve more and more.... And the sun never goes down !!! My sinus got cleared up from the start. It's amazing, how when I go under the "shower of lights", I can sense a better feeling inside with every color.... I can sense it instantly just like drinking a sugarless tea and then someone adds sugar to it... that kind of noticeable difference Now a week into reading the same couple of pages over and over about "The Room of Inner Stillness" (there are 7 rooms), I am feeling more and more in peace. I have never felt so peaceful in my life. Nothing bothers me anymore, I lost all fears too. Nothing ruins my mood anymore and any negative thought don't get into my emotions, be it mine or that of someone else. As the author describes in the book, there are cobwebs in our energy field gathering all the bad thoughts and emotions. The first process, "The Shower Of Lights," clears those cobwebs out. It's amazing to feel and sense the new feeling and insights every time I "wash" myself... It's like taking a bath or shower after a sweaty day. When I started the processes, I would feel sleepy for the first couple of days, which is reminding me of the time when I did a body cleanse... The author points out that the light cleanses toxins out of the cells. This book and the processes in it are a godsend and I am not even through the 2nd half of the book yet and I am doing the same process over and over and getting familiarized with one room at a time. I am like a cat, who studies every corner before he races around like a horse... I can only wonder what my future will bring with all the higher spiritual forces on my side, working for my highest good.... We all have a spiritual side of us, we all have a soul whose purpose is to live this life the best we can and the soul's purpose is also evolution...... I have been practicing EFT, meditation, and I work out and do cardio outside in the morning when the air is fresh, but this book introduced to me a totally supreme way of self-healing.... This might look like a meditation, but its not the same as meditation, this is based on a huge deal of visualization and concentration... I have found that I can do the processes easier if I don't listen to any music and also do them sitting down. I will always be grateful for this book for the rest of my life. I will teach this to my kids and to everyone who will want to open themselves to new healing possibilities... because it takes a decision to accept change. I will update later with my results as I am only a beginner and I have yet a lot to learn. ”
On Amazon.com
“This is the one of the amazing books I have ever read. When I read the book, I didn't have too much expectation of it, I just followed the meditation instruction, and all of sudden I (my body) felt very different in a positive way. The angel healed me! It was an amazing experience! ”
Jessica, February 20, 2012, Amazon.com
“I want you to know that I absolutely adore these recordings...such amazing results and improvements on every level.... ”
Robin in Rhode Island
“Fabulous, a must read for everyone Calin Pop, M.D. Tampa, Florida, USA Author The Real Cause of Illness Great book for anyone interested in improving their own health. A book like nothing else out there in the market. Provides powerful, subtle, but extremely efficient techniques to heal yourself. I recommend it to my patients no matter what their problem is . The results are astounding. My recommendation is: BUY IT NOW, IT MAY SAVE A LIFE LATER. ”
Calin Pop, M.D. Tampa, Florida, USA
“I first read your Healing Yourself with Light book in 1996 when I was 33 and practised everything in it. I have not aged inside or out despite going through a myriad of life experiences, some life threatening. This is a miracle and the proof is here in me. ”
Jeanine in Australia
“It took me a long time to take this step of commitment to join the group, but now I am very serious about it. I find your audio meditations to be very practical and helpful, addressing challenges which I face day to day.”
HRT New York City
“I have been kept alive and renewed for decades now, using your guided meditations daily. Much love and Gratitude ”
Leni in Minneapolis, Mn.
“October 15, 2012 "It is coming up for 18 months since I started your program of "Healing Yourself With Light". I thought you may like to hear how you have helped me - and to thank you. For two years prior to listening to your CDs, and connecting to my Solar Angel, My Soul, and the Angels of Healing - I had been sleeping on the floor each night, with my legs raised over two pillows, to ease the pain in my back. After about 8 months of following your programme, I felt sufficient improvement in my back to try sleeping back in my bed again, bliss - and I haven't needed to sleep on the floor since! My back continues to improve using your spiritual methods and I also believe I am experiencing relief in my neck, hips, knees and other joints generally. Additionally, I am at last allowing my own self-leadership and innate creativity to unfurl. In the evening (UK) I often feel my Solar Angel and Soul / triangle of light and all the healing energies come in, surrounding me and through me - I put this down to your work of connecting to the energies on behalf of all who are using your system. Your commitment and dedication to bringing this dimension of work into the world - and your unceasing maintenance and support is indeed a very beautiful service you offer humanity. I am very sure you are helping huge numbers amongst us." ”
Fleur Jones
“I am not the old me anymore. I am truly living in the light, taking showers of light many times a day, using all the methods in this system. People tell me I glow with light, but they have no idea why.”
LT Florida
“I have been working with the Healing Yourself With Light book and albums. We operate a center in Skopje, Macedonia for spiritual growth and transformation called Shambhalla. We often see and experience miracles with these angelic healing techniques. .. i was amazed that my atheist father is totally hooked to the angels and listens to the audio journeys several times per day.”
Boris in Macedonia
“"Healing Yourself With Light" was given to me by a customer when I owned an Angel Store. About 18 months after opening the Angel Emporium, my son took his life. The book by LaUna Huffines was instrumental in my recovery from the painful event. ”
J. Deelstra "Author, Blessings In The Mire
“What stunned me is that I never realized I was ultimately facing blindness, until I came into the Path of Light and experienced healing in both my eyes. I have a greater appreciation for every person who crosses my path and what I can add to their lives . . I can't let go until I've done something I'm led to do.”
Margaret - New Mexico
“Sanaya Roman, Author of Soul Love and Living With Joy---- Healing Yourself with Light is a profound book of healing that brings you the mystery school teachings and timeless wisdom on healing with easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. You are not only healing symptoms, should they be physical or emotional; you are taught how to work at the level of your aura, etheric body and chakras, call in the angelic healers, and transform yourself all the way to your cells and DNA. Healing then transforms every level of your being so you can live in harmony with your soul and the divine plan of your life. Having known LaUna for years, I can say that she uses and lives by what she teaches; her vitality and aliveness are inspiring. I have personally used techniques out of her book to keep colds from coming at their first sign, to heal a sprained wrist, and to transform my aura and chakras. I highly recommend this book - Sanaya Roman, channel for Orin ”
Sanaya Roman, Channel for Orin
“It has been two years since I began with Path of Light. I am now more than one hundred pounds lighter in my physical body and much brighter in my mind. I have purified my body and mind to receive impressions from my soul. I now lead meditations in my home and people pour in to learn what I have learned.”
SRJ Tiburon California
“I'm working with session 11 now of the Path of Light audio course; it's all magical to me. The energies are so strong. This course has changed my life. I have a new job. I have started my own business courses in meditation and angels. I am absolutely loving it. I'm planing many things for the future. I'm feeling much more happy and loving, It has changed so many areas in my life and how I feel about myself. Amazing.”
Jannie in Sweden
“Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine Healing Yourself With Light will help many people reach the wholeness that true healing is all about. LaUna Huffines is a healer in the highest sense of the word. ”
Larry Dossey, M.D.,
“Thank you for the beautiful and magical guided meditations. ”
Cecilia in Australia