Path of Light Studies

(Left to right: Jean and LaUna)

We are a spiritually focused group offering wisdom teachings and meditations for those who are open-minded in their search for truth and for those already on a spiritual journey and who seek to help others.
We offer courses, meditations, books, and many other products to facilitate spiritual unfoldment. Members construct a bridge of light to the soul, and to higher intuition, love, and will. They meditate for each other and for humanity. We are an independent group and are not sponsored by or affiliated with any religious, philosophical or political organization.
Our group members live in many countries, serving as University teachers, healers in medical fields, musicians, authors, scientists and artists. A physician from Rumania has written a book on the real cause of illness. A Brazilian resident has taught meditation  for ten years to a large group of homeless children in the slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Other members assist patients to heal themselves, have set up a free counseling sessions for prisoners, created soul songs, formed local and online meditation/study groups, and taught emotional freedom techniques.

PATH OF LIGHT - This is our major source for spiritual studies, audio meditations, downloads, and online courses.

TRIANGLES of LIGHT: Path of Light Studies sponsors Online Triangles ( is a unit in the global network of Triangles, using invocation to aid humanity. Fifty-six countries are represented in our Triangles site  -- such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Singapore, S. Africa, Australia, India, Israel, Guyana, Iran, India, Great Britain, Russia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, most European countries, and forty-eight U.S. states.

Healing with is also sponsored by the Path of Light Studies group which takes guests on a mini-journey to the Temple of Healing.

About LaUna Huffines

LaUna Huffines is founder and president of Path of Light Studies, a spiritually focused school of study in the ancient wisdom teachings. She has facilitated study/meditation groups in the U.S., Japan, and Australia since 1968.  LaUna and her sister Jean facilitate online seminars.

LaUna's first book, Connecting With All the People in Your Life, Harper/Collins pub, describes 64 ways to free oneself from old habits that create pain. Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation, Simon & Schuster, pub. 1989 was followed by a new edition in 1989. (H J Kramer Pub.) Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers, H J Kramer pub, 1995, is now in eight languages.) Hundreds of audio healing journeys and other courses are available on CD and online download.

LaUna is a four-decade student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. With a Masters degree in Counseling-Psychology, and PhD (ABD) in East-West Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion, LaUna has presented at national conferences and taught classes and seminars for psychologists, therapists, and physicians in the U.S,  Japan, and Australia. She created and taught courses at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and other universities in Texas and California.

About Jean St.Martin

My sister, Jean, is the manager of the Path of Light Studies three websites, handling correspondence, orders and sending email announcements. She coordinates and teaches in our workshops and seminars.Her deep compassion for others and extensive training in Gestalt psychology led to ongoing studies in transpersonal psychology.

Jean is a counselor/teacher in coordinating the personality and soul to work effectively together. She is a graduate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis programs, and Dr. John Enright’s Awareness, Responsibility and Communication internship program. She also studied with Virginia Satir, well-known family therapist.

Jean's ongoing exploration of advances in nutrition, phone consulting/counseling, alternative healing modalities, including  Homeopathy and Emotionbal Freedom Techniques.