Path of Light Products

Healing Yourself with Light Book and Audio Healing Courses
Heal and regenerate your mind, emotions and body. Nine sets of audio meditations for healing. Powerful guided journeys, and the book by Launa Huffines, Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers, offer a complete system of healing. Enjoy 50% to 70% discounts on these CDs and downloads.
Path Of Light Meditation Journeys
After writing the Bridge of Light book, Huffines created these guided journeys through spiritual impression. Bridge of Light I and II audio downloads are recommended with the book. Next, the Merging with Solar Light -- Body, Mind, and Emotions courses are recommended. The most advanced courses she has created are Path of Light with four levels, which provide ways to meditate and extend the vision for your life, to realize your true purpose, and realize inner peace and joy.
Single Audio Journey Downloads
These audio journey has unique energies to unfold the central Lotus of the soul. LaUna created these journeys for those who want to move forward on a spiritual path.