Path Of Light Meditation Journeys

After writing the Bridge of Light book, Huffines created these guided journeys through spiritual impression. Bridge of Light I and II audio downloads are recommended with the book. Next, the Merging with Solar Light -- Body, Mind, and Emotions courses are recommended. The most advanced courses she has created are Path of Light with four levels, which provide ways to meditate and extend the vision for your life, to realize your true purpose, and realize inner peace and joy.
The Path of Light program is our most advanced audio program. Level 1 has 12 CD audio meditations. Downloads has 27 sessions -- same content exactly, just shorter meditations. Set your intention to connect the soul to your higher mind and this mind to your brain as you listen. Developing this sensitivity to the light and power of the soul in your conscious mind, enables you to know and to act upon your life purpose. In Path of Light III, establish a magnetic link from the soul to the divine self.
Bridge of Light I - Creating Your Bridge of Light
LaUna created these audio journeys after her Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation book was published (Simon & Schuster) to provide additional ways to create a bridge between your personality and soul, to connect with Spiritual Courage, Joy, and Love, and to meet friends on your bridge to greater light.
Create your highest future, sound your soul note and join your soul group. Dissipate the negative energy of difficult situations, immunize yourself from fears.
Path of Light II: Opening New Channels
You enter a new phase of meditating with your group in Path of Light II. With your group you will be lifting and aiding others with spiritual energies. In Path of Light II you build a shining star, and visualize this star leading your small group of nine. As the soul, you link with each one in your group and envision yourselves thinking and acting from your higher centers.
Path of Light III - Bridge to Intuition
You are now working with spiritual forces to help others. Path of Light III increases your intuition and see how to empower others, to build a magnetic aura with your spiritual group, and to lift others mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In these meditations you reach the finer frequencies of intuition. You gain skill in receiving impressions from the higher spiritual dimensions and
Path of Light IV
You now are prepared to become more sensitive and responsive to the spiritual influences of the Masters and the great constellations beyond our planet. Certain extraplanetary "Suns" bring life force to earth, and this energy streaming into our plalnet is having a powerful  influence.These spiritual energies are filled with the life force that inspires spiritual impressions to meet the needs of the world. Sensitivity to these energies is useful. These journeys strengthen contact with major centers on our planet.
Merging with Solar Light I: Transforming Your Mind
These guided meditations and visualizations aid in the connecting link between the mind and the soul, increase the sensitivity of the mind to the guidance of the soul, and transform your mind step by step toward the actual merging of your mind with the solar light.
Merging with Solar Light II, Transforming Your Emotions
Love is the ultimate healing force! When your emotions are transformed to hold more light, they raise the light in your cells, strengthen your immune system, and regenerate your body. Build emotions that energize and heal you as well as the people around you. Expand the healing power of your heart center. Bring streams of light to any challenging situation.
Merging With Solar Light III
These processes strengthen your immunity to disease, and enable you to handle stress more easily. Use solar light to upgrade your cells and create a finer body. Make changes in your cells that create a better body for your soul’s work here. Let the solar light bring a new molecular substance of a higher vibration into your body.  Add light to your glands, skin, and eyes. Set up ongoing rejuvenation for yourself. Choose the foods that truly nourish you.
A new way to experience life. Happiness is seated in the emotions and is a personality reaction. Joy is a quality of the soul and is realized in the mind. Bliss is the nature of the Divine Self.
Courage for Your Life Purpose
These meditations are focused on the courage to see beyond one's usual thoughts and feelings and simply sit in silence with the soul to realize new opportunities being presented, and to have the courage to accept these.Open the gates to activate spiritual courage for your life and its purpose. It is this purpose that your soul energizes. Be persitent and you will find the courage to choose the right path at every decision point. With courage one has a sense of humor, laughs easily, and creates strong relationships.
The Seven Rays of Life
The Seven Rays of Life - 11 sessions (Select download - Cd Volumes sold out.)Bring new insights about the rays of the one light that you are working under. Your soul is on one ray, your personality on another ray, your mind, emotions, and physical brain/body are on the same or totally different rays. All of these influence you on every level.Learn to bring your rays into a harmonious cooperation, and to strengthen the qualities of your soul ray.
The Lighted Path to Golden Opportunities
Find Your Golden Opportunities circling overhead Waiting for a place to land.When we are searching deeply within, we are being prompted by the soul to find the next higher note for our life. A beautiful note of the Universe is being offered, and we can sense its presence. We discover this finer frequency and emerge successfully from life's most difficult journeys. Tapping into this world that vibrates to a finer note, we recognize ourselves there also and begin to link with our whole being as we realize how much creativity and power we have!
Meditation course on two CDs (with voice and music) based on the great truths presented in some of the ancient mantras. These meditation/discussions are useful to assist the listener to experience the power of these sacred verbal formulas that contain mystical and esoteric potentials. Such mantras were created by adepts who knew the law of vibration, the science of sound, the purpose of evolution, the nature of form, and the ability to see truth in all things. They help stabilize the consciousness in the light of expanded vision and understanding.
Radiance and the Magnetic Aura
What we get out of our lives depends on our power to evoke into our own environment what we need. We become magnetically attractive--in time and space--to what we invoke. Radiant energy is beautiful and draws together other souls on a similar frequency and color.
The Divine Self in Relationships
Beginning with the question "Who is the Divine Self," from mind to intuition, and recognizing inspiration from the divine self, you open to the higher intuitive plane. On the path to the divine Self, the horizontal reach broadens to include a larger number of groups, as well as friends and co-workers.