Daily Spiritual Affirmations

Before you draw a thought to ponder, call to mind a specific situation in your life that you want to bring into greater wisdom, joy or harmony. Consider some healing you need, or concentrate on a goal that seems to be part of your purpose. Your thoughts affect random settings. The first one you draw is often right on target.

We have created two groups to explore, each with a different set of inspirations.

Spiritual Revelations                               Visions

Each thought brings new opportunities. Concentrate upon the one you draw to bring in a stream of light (golden or blue in color) to you. The answers you need are within this stream of light.

Visualize a channel of light between your mind and soul and repeat the affirmation slowly as you reflect on its meaning. The finer your concentration, the deeper the inner silence as you sit with it, the more aid you will receive from this thought/affirmation. Remember, it is your thoughts that open doors for you to enter a larger world of awareness, happiness, and effectiveness. Each "thought" reveals an opportunity.

Our thanks to Francis Donald for this beautiful image.