Path of Light - Vision


To build intelligent love, lighted intuition, spiritual power in group consciousness for the purpose of adding light and love to life in the world.

We function as an interactive group practicing ways to be useful through thought, words and activities. We see all challenges as opportunities to use intelligent love and understanding along with physical activity. We cooperate with  groups who seek to fill the needs of awakening souls for those who wish to achieve greater effectiveness in their lives.Our metaphysical/esoteric studies are non-political and non-sectarian, sponsoring no special creed or dogma.

Based on the core belief that every one of us has a distinct role to play in the solutions of humanity's problems.

Core values

Healing the Mind, Emotions, and Physical Body
Oriented to Service,
Unfolding Consciousness,
Courses and meditations for individual and group spiritual progress,
Invocations for inspiration and divine guidance,
Use of esoteric healing techniques,
Interactive dialogue.